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We are a family run business established in 2020, After running other successful business, and raising a family, Amy wanted to pursue her passionate idea of running a mobile Gin and prosecco bar....with a twist! Amy's other passion in life is her horse, so why not convert a horse box? ....The Fizzy Filly was born, offering a stunning addition to any wedding, garden party or event. With not just Gin and Prosecco but wine, beer, and all tailored specifically to your requirements. please call or fill out the contacts form below for a quote. 


The perfect mixer for your big day, Our pretty horse box will be a great addition. leave your guests in our hands, we will make sure they're watered...with Fizz, Gin, wine, beer & more! Tailor your perfect package

Baby Showers

Mummy Mocktails! made in your own back garden. invite your besties, sit back and rest your swollen cankles why we mix up some of

your favourite drinks. Plus we now offer a bbq style buffet!

Garden Parties

Lock down has given us all a chance to spruce up our gardens, so why not invite your friends over and show it off!? as soon as we are all aloud out!Plus we now offer a bbq style buffet!


Happy Birthday to you! 

Happy Birthday to you!

If you want a party to remember, 

We're the company for you! Plus we now offer a bbq style buffet!


Our drinks menu

BBQ style
buffet food

your own

All drinks packages can be tailored and specific drinks can be added

It's Always Gin O'Clock


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Relax & enjoy your event. 

Let us do the rest....

No matter how big or intimate your event is, we can tailor our products and services to you. 

The fizzy filly and all our staff are fully insured, professional and polite.

Our main objective is to give your guests a party to remember!

For guidance on the current situation regarding covid19 please call us as we can still make your event one to remember. 

I look forward to speaking with you.


Vintage Wood Clocks
Vintage Wood Clocks

It's Always Gin O'clock!